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Due to Covid-19 all events have been suspended until further notice.

Community Guidelines

We are here for the community. Here's what we ask of you. 

As a participant in The Hive Society community and events your participation and contribution must be performed in the best interest of the community and The Hive Society.


Proprietary or confidential information learned in an any way, be it an official capacity or otherwise, must be held confidential and must not be used in any way which conflicts with the best interest of the community or The Hive Society.


Such information includes but is not limited to; strategic organizational planning; event structure and planning, community engagement strategy, contact information and lists for community participant, sponsored Influencers, brand partnerships, and organizational sponsors; brand campaign structuring and pricing, any information which may be libelous or defamatory in any way.


The Hive Society reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to determine if your brand, independent business, or personal activities represent a conflict of interest and may choose to limit, restrict, or deny your participation in community events as it deems necessary.


As we work together to build community we encourage you to grow and expand your own brands and achieve your personal goals. We ask that you consider the community and seek to add value in your efforts.


The Hive Society is an influential community of Content Creators with the collaborative mission to raise the standard of influencer marketing through meet-ups, endorsed events and educational workshops. We bring creators and brands together to promote digital literacy and best practices.

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Due to Covid-19 all events have been suspended until further notice.

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