Frequently asked questions

What's an Influencer/ Content Creator?

An Influencer is a digital content creative who has built an online following via social media, online blogs, and freelance opportunities. Utilizing this audience, they harness their personal voice to collaborate with brands and share their message.

How do brands work with influencers?

Brands work with influencers through a variety of marketing strategies. These may include blog content, social media campaigns, and personal appearances just to name a few.

Do more followers mean more exposure for my brand?

More followers do not necessarily compute to more benefits for a brand. As a general rule, the more followers an influencer has online, the less engagement they are capable of doing due to sheer mass of comments, and direct messages. The exception to this would be content creators who have a personal staff. Utilizing micro-influencers (2,000 to 50,000 followers) has become a more recent trend, because they are able to engage more with their audience and hypothetically convert more impressions for the brand.

For those used to more traditional marketing such as print, tv, and radio, what's the most important thing to know?

Traditional marketing methods certainly have their place, however influencer marketing is more popular than ever before and the industry grows exponentially every year. One of the main benefits, aside from authenticity, is the ability to track all stats. You can choose to collaborate with an influencer with a similar demographic as your brand, know exactly who you reached, and what they were most interested in. Influencer Marketing can be highly targeted, and it's a great way to saturate a specific market and region with your brand messaging.

Aren't millenials the only ones online?

Absolutely not. Online media consumption grows progressively every year. Don't fall for the myth that only young people are online. Digital media consumption is a way of life for all age groups.

Can you send me your list?

No. Our list is proprietary and built upon a trust relationship with our creators. We do not disclose our list. For a fee we can work with you to curate a group of Content Creators who meet the ideal criteria to meet your goals, and consult with you on the best strategy to activate them. This usually includes setting desirable deliverables and a set compensation for the creators.

What are your community guidelines?

As a participant in The Hive Society community and events your participation and contribution must be performed in the best interest of the community and The Hive Society. Proprietary or confidential information learned in an any way, be it an official capacity or otherwise, must be held confidential and must not be used in any way which conflicts with the best interest of the community or The Hive Society. Such information includes but is not limited to; strategic organizational planning; event structure and planning, community engagement strategy, contact information and lists for community participant, sponsored Influencers, brand partnerships, and organizational sponsors; brand campaign structuring and pricing, any information which may be libelous or defamatory in any way. The Hive Society reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to determine if your brand, independent business, or personal activities represent a conflict of interest and may choose to limit, restrict, or deny your participation in community events as it deems necessary. As we work together to build community we encourage you to grow and expand your own brands and achieve your personal goals. We ask that you consider the community and seek to add value in your efforts.