February Influencer Spotlight!

I read something recently that said "If you want to know how to become empowered, do the thing you think you can't do."! Every day is a new opportunity to be what ever it is you want to be and a new opportunity to take steps towards accomplishing the things that seem out of reach. Every day you're granted another chance to be a 'BAWSE' and when you have a strong support system, the sky's the limit! 904 Boss Babes know all about empowerment and their new endeavor is helping other "Boss Babes" all over the city become empowered while building lasting relationships! Without further adieu, please read more about this month's Influencer Spotlight, the fabulous 904 Boss Babes!

1.)  Tell us all about 904 Boss Babes and what inspired you to start this movement?

904 Boss Babes was founded in June 2018 by four women,  local  to the Jacksonville Beaches area, all sharing the same goal to bring local women in the community together.  Jennifer Hull and Heather Perez Hollis, two of the co founders, recently combined their real estate expertise and together have their own successful realty partnership Hollis & Hull.  It was in March of 2018 when Jennifer attended an event called Jax Women are Rad, where a panel of local women shared their journeys as business owners. After leaving the event inspired and high vibing, Jennifer wanted to cultivate the feeling and experience it on a more regular basis. So, she decided to reach out to one of the local entrepreneurs on the panel, Alison Hjelm, owner of AlleyCakes. Together they knew they wanted to create some type of comfortable networking group where local ladies could mingle and create lasting relationships.  Naturally wanting to share their idea,  Ali reached out to a good friend and co owner of Sub Cultured, Grace Forgette, who was ecstatic to jump on board and create something authentic with the three of them! 

2.) Why is women empowerment so important to you?  

"Women empowering women" has been a tagline for us since the beginning and we have envisioned the group to be focused on this first and foremost.  By sharing all types of local women's stories, we can create an environment that brings out the best in all of us, and that is what we hope to do.  Our goal is to bring like-minded boss babes together in order to have successful networking events and build lasting friendships. Connecting women throughout the Jacksonville area to share experiences, successes, failures and inspirations.   Our vision is to not only connect with one another, but to create a platform that is comfortable and safe in order to truly learn from one another.  As these relationships are built, we hope to do business together and create cross-promotional collaborations that will strengthen our individual visions and businesses collectively.  After all,  we are more powerful when we empower each other.

3.) What constitutes a Boss Babe?

 We 904 Boss Babes are firm believers that there is room for all women who work hard towards their goals and aspirations! Whether you have been in business for twenty years or are just now taking the leap into entrepreneurship, there is room for you.  Whether you are manager, team builder or visioneer, there is a place for you.  If you are a consultant, teacher, lawyer, social worker, influencer, model, banker, marketer, or nanny, there is room for you!  If you are a young woman, looking for advice on your path towards your career, there is room for you and we are here to help.  We focus on collaboration over competition and believe everyone of us can succeed. Authenticity, ambition, confidence, focus and drive are all qualities a boss babe holds.

4.) What are a few fun facts about you that people may not know from following your blog or Instagram? We just began this vision of ours less than a year ago!  The response to the movement has been very powerful and we founders are beyond thrilled to have gotten to meet and work with so many wonderful women already.  Going forward we will be hosting four 904 Boss Babe’s Mix + Mingle’s per year.  Each will be in the third month of every quarter, with the first being on Tuesday, March 26th at the Beaches Museum.  We encourage any local boss babes who want to be apart of the community to make it out to as many Mix + Mingles they can!  At these events we create a fun, festive environments at  large locations and give the attendees the opportunity to introduce themselves and get to know other local women.  Along with the Mix + Mingles, we intend to help local women with co- collaborative events hosted by them, promoted with the help of 904 Boss Babes.  For the co collaborative events, we encourage the hosts to involve as many other local boss babes as they can!  A large part of empowering local women has been the featured posts on our Instagram page. The features of the local 904 Boss Babes are totally surprise features!  The women that they are each written on, have no idea about the feature until it has been posted, and they are being showered with love and positivity! All they have done is attended at least one Mix + Mingle.  Doing the features this way has been empowering for both the woman it is featuring and for us babes writing it to surprise them! 

5.) How can you be contacted?  What are all of you social media handles?

The easiest way to reach out to us is through Instagram DM or email.   Facebook:  904 Boss Babes Instagram: @904bossbabes  @alleycakes  @hollisandhull  @subculturedsubs Email: 904bossbabes@gmail.com

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