January Influencer Spotlight!

I think it's pretty safe to say that when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you're unstoppable! That's exactly what Jenny of Her Best Always, conveys! With the perfect mix of high-end and budget-friendly attire, Jenny inspires us to look our best, especially at the workplace! She provides us with some of the best bargain tips and tricks to do it. As an attorney by day and fashion lover...well always, I'm pleased to introduce Jenny, as our January Influencer Spotlight!

Tell us about your blog, "Her Best Always" and what inspired you to start it.

I had been following influencers for a few years and I noticed a lack of work wear choices from the fashion bloggers.  I had the idea during 2017 while planning my wedding, but I was too busy between wedding planning and my career to really focus on it.  Right after my wedding  (Nov. ’17) I began to research how to start a blog (website) and everything that comes along with being a blogger and was finally ready to launch my site in March of 2018.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist in all things and I liked the idea of naming my blog Her Best Always because I know that when I look good, I feel good and everything else I do throughout the day is better because of how I feel and the confidence that comes from that.

 I also want to represent the idea that your “best” doesn’t always mean full makeup and designer fashion…it may be a messy bun and athleisure on a Saturday morning because I’ve had a long week…but, I always put some effort into my appearance and want to look put together before I walk out the door.

With so many fashion and lifestyle blogs out there now a days, how are you able to stand out from other blogs with in your niche?   I try to stand out by focusing on affordable work wear for the average woman.  Of course, I cover lifestyle topics and casual wear as well, but I try to focus on what most women who work in an office setting need 5 days a week!  My career requires business professional (suits etc.) sometimes, but I understand a majority of women can dress business casual, so I try to find pieces that every woman needs in her professional wardrobe and can find at her local mall or online via major fashion retailers.

What do you love most about being an Influencer? How are you able to juggle being an attorney and active Influencer between St. Augustine and Jacksonville? I love it when I know I am helping someone.  When I get messages from followers and they have tried something new and loved it (because of me) or purchased something on sale that they couldn’t otherwise afford, it makes me super happy! I also love hosting events in stores and giving advice to shoppers.  It can be difficult juggling my responsibilities as an attorney and my love of being an influencer.  I am a trial attorney and I generally know when I am going to have to put in a lot of extra hours on nights and weekends, so I have learned that if I shoot photos in advance then it takes a lot of pressure off and I can plan out content without feeling like I have to disappear from IG for a period of time.  I’m transparent about it on IG stories, so I generally get a lot of support and messages when I share that I am super busy and may not be active for a few days.  I have made a decision not to share the details of my career with my followers and so far people seem to respect that and I don’t get too many questions about it.  People aren’t following me for legal advice or the details of my desk job, so I have found that it is not an issue so far! :-) 

What are a few fun facts about you that people may not know from following your blog or Instagram? I grew up on a farm.  I traveled the country in my teen years showing horses competitively alongside many riders who later made the U.S. Olympic team.  My career has led me to be on national television…twice.  

How can you be contacted? What are all of your social media handles?

   Email: HerBestAlways@gmail.com

IG @herbestalways

FB www.facebook.com/herbestalways

Pinterest www.pinterest.com/herbestalways

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