March Influencer Spotlight!

We all need our daily dose of vitamins, our daily dose of sunlight, and maybe even a dose of ACV every now and again, but don't forget about your Daily Dose of Davis! Miranda Davis that is! She is giving us daily inspiration in affordable fashion, beauty tips, and all-around fun lifestyle experiences! I mean....have you seen Cooper? Insert heart-eyes emoji here! We are so excited to introduce Miranda Davis of Daily Dose of Davis blog as this month's featured Influencer!

1.) Tell us all about your blog Daily Dose of Davis and what inspired you to start it!First off, I feel so honored to be chosen as the March Featured Influencer. I created Daily Dose of Davis in January of 2018. I've always loved fashion and honestly wanted to start a fashion blog for a few years, but just kept telling myself nobody cared enough to read my thoughts. Now a year later, I'm so glad I did! I've had a lot of inspiration from multiple bloggers, but my main inspo' is a little different from most. I lost my mom at a really young age so I kind of grew up fast and turned into an adult quicker than my friends. I wanted to start a platform for young women or any woman to be honest that may not have a female figure to look up to. I wanted to start this to help myself and share what I love, but I quickly realized this is a lot bigger than myself because I can really help others and use this platform for GOOD! (Love this!)

2.) With so many blogs out there that focus on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, what makes yours unique?

This is definitely a loaded question. I love to be different with my style which is why I own cowgirl boots, mules, Converse, Nike's, and over the knee boots. My style is all over the place if you can't tell. Lately, I have felt like I finally have my look that I’m going for locked down. I know that my style is Boho. I focus on sharing all affordable pieces because I love a good bargain honey. (Amen to that!) The majority of my audience is young women from the ages of 16-26 so I try to keep it affordable, but also trendy for everyone to enjoy! :) 

3.) What do you love most about being an Influencer?

I love how many friends I’ve made. I have met some of my IRL best friends from blogging. I think when you have friends that aren’t influencers they tend to really not understand why you want to take pictures in every outfit, it’s really just silly to them. It’s easier to gravitate towards other influencers/bloggers because we have a lot in common and ultimately have the same GOALS! I do my best at every event that I attend to network as much as I can. I also love having the opportunity to partner with multiple brands showcasing products that I love and use on an every day basis!

4.) What are a few fun facts about you that people may not know from following your blog or Instagram?

1. As a child for about 9 years I attended dance lessons everything from jazz, ballet, pointe & competition teams. It was a blast! I miss it.

2. I'm SO southern. My "accent" is terrible LOL (It's cute!)

3. I’m a very direct person. I believe honesty is the best policy. Nobody has time for negativity or beating around the bush.

4. I married my husband when I was 19.

5. I’m obsessed with Mexican food. Legit could eat it everyday and have no complaints! 6. I am terrified of snakes.

5.) How can you be contacted?  What are all of you social media handles?

You can get in contact with me in many ways. You can shoot an email or send a DM on Instagram, I would love to chat!




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