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We are so happy to bring you this month's Influencer spotlight. Our Creator this month is special to our community not only because of her warm smile, and friendly personality, but also because she is our main contributing writer for the Influencer Spotlights. We felt like it was time to turn the spotlight on her. I'm happy to introduce you to Katrice Shorter, creator of High Heels and Good Meals, a delicious combination of great fashion and tasty meals.

1)      Tell us about your blog, High Heels and Good Meals, and what inspired you to start it.

I was inspired to start High Heels and Good Meals about 8 years ago after a coworker of mine, who admired my work attire, suggested I start a blog to give teachers some inspiration on how to dress for work (because if we’re being honest, teachers can always use a little help in that department....but you didn’t hear that from me).  At the time, blogging wasn’t as saturated as it is now ( Instagram wasn’t even around yet) but as I brainstormed ideas for my blog I knew I wanted it to be a little different from just a personal style and fashion blog.  I tried to think of something else I could I incorporate into my blog to make it unique and interesting enough for people to want to read it and it clicked!  Everyone loves food!  I’ve always loved trying new restaurants and recipes so it was a no brainer.  It was at that moment that I committed to making my blog about two things I truly love, fashion and food!  It was then that High Heels and Good Meals was born!

2)      With so many fashion and lifestyle blogs out there these days, how are you able to stand out from other blogs within your niche? 

I think was makes my blog stand out is the fact that it encompasses both Fashion & Food equally!  Every now and again I’ll throw in a bit of lifestyle, but my readers can always count on me to bring them a fashion forward, budget-friendly look or give them the low down on the newest restaurant in town!   I will admit that it sometimes gets a little challenging because people tend to solely look for one or the other but I stand in the uniqueness that is High Heels and Good Meals and will always stay true to it!

3)      What do you love most about being an influencer? How are you able to juggle being a teacher and an active influencer in the North Florida region? 

This is a great question because  when I first started my blog, I had no idea it would afford me the opportunities that it has.  I’ve met so many amazing people from all around the country and have worked with brands, I never in a million years would’ve thought I’d ever get the chance to even exchange emails with.  But most importantly,  I love that I have an “audience” that values the content I put out and I especially love the fact that I am able to inspire people no matter how small the numbers.  When I get a message from someone saying that they tried a restaurant all because of my review or that they were inspired to try a new look because of something I wore, it does my heart so much good.  Even if Instagram disappeared tomorrow, I’d keep my blog going as if it never missed a beat.  This may sound cliche but when your passionate about something, it doesn’t feel like work.  I’m passionate about my blog and I’m passionate about the work I do as an educator so being able to juggle the two happens seamlessly because I love both and want to be great at both so I commit myself to putting in the work to make sure I’m successful at both. 

4)      What are a few fun facts about you that people may not know from following your blog or Instagram? 

Let’s see! I’ll give you three!  

***Most people don’t know that on top of being a full time teacher and a blogger, I also work part time as an Exercise Physiologist at a doctors office 3 days a week.  Don’t ask me where I find the time to do it all because sometimes I surprise myself!  

***I’m a military brat.  I was born in Hawaii and have traveled and lived in lots of cool places like Germany, New Mexico, and Washington.

 ***One of my favorite fun facts is that I’m also a artist!  I love drawing and painting!  I had an art blog loooooong ago and I illustrated a published children’s book titled “Why Does the Sunset, Mommy?” in 2009!  I also have a sketchbook in the Brooklyn Art Museum and I occasionally participate in trading artist trading cards!  So fun! 5)      How can people contact you and what are you social media handles?  


Email: Instagram: @willworkforheels 

Twitter: @willwork4heels 



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