November Influencer Spotlight!

She's fun, she's quirky, and she's Liven"Good"!

You've gotta love a girl who can bargain shop with the best of them and still WOW you at the same time! Read about why lifestyle and fashion blogger, Lauren Livengood of is our Influencer of the month!

1.)  Tell us about your blog, Lauren Livengood and what inspired you to start it.  

My blog started from a genuine passion and love to share all things beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle. I've always been that girl that when someone complimented my outfit I'd most likely respond with "thank you so much, I got it on sale for $15!" Fashion and style have always been a part of my life, starting as a young girl. I remember spending the night with my friends and borrowing each other's clothes to make different outfits out of them (because of course we were young, and our parents were paying our shopping tab, so we had to make every piece of clothing stretch as far as we could). I also have a strong love for adventure and love exploring the world with friends and family. Organization and planning are both two of my strengths so I really enjoy doing this with the people I love the most. 

2.) With so many fashion and lifestyle blogs out there now a days, how are you able to stand out from other blogs with in your niche?

When I started my blog, transparency was one of the most important factors I wanted to focus on. I wanted to be relatable, honest and raw. If I had a good day, I wanted to be able to share about it. If I had a bad day, I wanted to be able to share about that as well. I wanted to create a "safe place" where people can come, and we can talk about life together. Because this thing called life is tough sometimes but also so beautiful. Additionally, I have also always loved finding the best deals on all of my favorite items and sharing them with my friends and family. Starting a lifestyle and fashion blog, I finally had the opportunity to share my passion with the entire world (well, those who have social media at least). My style is trendy, affordable, chic and feminine. I love sharing staple pieces that you can style multiple ways to get the most bang out of your buck. Style is the easiest way to say who you are without speaking a word at all. I would describe my closet as a classic wardrobe with a few "wow" pieces. 

3.) What do you love most about being an Influencer?

Everything. It is amazing when I look back on this past year and how much I have grown as a person and developed my brand. December 2018 I will celebrate my 1-year blog-anniversary and I am overwhelmed with so many emotions but primarily excitement, gratitude, and love. I started this blog with a lot of passion and a lot of "I don't knows". I had no idea how to develop a website (thank you Lord for YouTube) or how to edit my photos the way I wanted them to look. Being an Influencer to me is being a part of a community of people that I consider my family. It is quite remarkable the bond you can make with someone through an app on your phone. I have made friendships with people who were once strangers and am surrounded by thinkers, creatives, and doers. This community inspires me to learn and grow every day. One of my favorite parts of being an Influencer is sharing that perfect dress or pair of shoes that is now on sale for 50% off that someone sees and is able to get just in time for their best friend’s wedding or special event. I find joy in helping others find affordable fashion that they love that also doesn't break their bank.

4.) What are a few fun facts about you that people may not know from following your blog or Instagram?

In addition to blogging full time, I also work full time as a Staffing Manager in the Manufacturing and Logistics industry and I am a full time student. People ask me all the time "How do you do all of that?".  I believe that when you're passionate about something, you will find the time for it. I am due to graduate in Spring 2019 with my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Human Resources. I am also a Jacksonville native, love a good competition and traditions are important to me.  I don't have many fears and I'm never afraid to try something at least once. 

5.) How can you be contacted?  What are all of you social media handles?

I can always be contacted via Instagram (duh) but email works great as well. I am primarily focused on Instagram right now, but I am working on developing my Facebook page and a YouTube channel in 2019. You can follow me on Instagram @laurenlivengoood and on Pinterest @laurenlivengoood.  

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