October Influencer Spotlight!

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

What’s one thing that Spring Break, summer vacay, weekends, and winter break, have in common? Kids away from the books who are looking for something fun to do! Though school is well underway, the holiday season is quickly approaching which means the kiddos will be home for a few weeks and for many parents, keeping them entertained is high up on the to-do list! Fun 4 First Coast Kids is every parents dream come true with all of the happenings around town for the little ones to get into!

After chatting with Terri Mashour, one of the co-founders of Fun 4 First Coast Kids, here is why we are so excited to recognize them as our

October Featured Influencer!

1.) Tell us about Fun 4 First Coast Kids and what inspired you to start it.

Fun4FirstCoastKids.com is the family resource for Jacksonville listing every place to play sports or take dance, schools, enrichment programs, events, summer camps and winter camps, and all things holiday fun! Susie and Terri are a sister team that run the site. We were inspired to start the website when we decided to stay home with our kids and still provide income for our families. We are honored to serve the families of Jacksonville by providing all the family resources in one space!

2.) How are you able to stand out from other blogs that focus on being a parent in Jacksonville?

Fun4FirstCoastKids.com stands out from other blogs in Jacksonville because we are not just a blog, we are a comprehensive website. With almost 4,000 listings for families and hundreds of events listed in the area, families use our site every day. They visit on Monday mornings for fun if they are home with toddlers, they visit at night to research soccer programs or gymnastics or special needs programs or home school resources. They visit each weekend for family fun and free fun. They visit daily to enter giveaways we post each week. So it is a huge resource for families on top of the blog. We're also second generation Jacksonville natives so we have a local insight on family fun that we can lend to the website and blog!

3.) What do you love most about being an Influencer?

We have so enjoyed joining the North Florida Influencers group! We love the networking, the sharing of tips and tricks, and sharing ideas. Everyone is kind and helpful and no one competes - we are all happy to share insights and help our local group grow the influencing sector. We also love getting behind the scenes tours, sneak previews of exhibits and restaurant openings. We especially enjoy meeting local small business owners, hearing their stories and backgrounds, and sharing their products, food, and local events with families. We love helping small businesses grow and sharing local businesses with our followers. Many moms and parents can't get to every event or research everything all the time with their young kids or busy family schedules so we are honored to do the research for them and share the info we get from each influencer event.

4.) What can we look forward to with Fun 4 First Coast Kids?

We're thrilled to be celebrating our 5th anniversary in November! We're excited to help share Kids FREE November in partnership with Visit Jacksonville where kids get into many places for free or cheap. We're also excited to promote our Duval Mom, Duval Dad, and Duval Kids shirts during Jaguars season - it is so cute to see families wearing the shirts. Our Halloween and Thanksgiving/Christmas pages are already live so families can plan which Nutcracker shows, parades, and holiday lights to visit. January 1 we start adding almost 1,000 summer camps to our website and planning our summer camp and kids festival. We are always busy!

5.) How can you be contacted? What are all of you social media handles?

If you would like to advertise on fun4firstcoastkids.com or have us come out for an influencer event or media day, please contact Terri@fun4firstcoastkids.com. Families can visit our website or sign up for our e-newsletter (the big pink button on our site) to find out about all the fun upcoming events in Jacksonville.

Facebook: @fun4firstcoastkids

Twitter: @Fun4JaxKids

Instagram: @fun4firstcoastkids

Youtube: Fun 4 First Coast Kids

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