October Hive Spotlight!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

As this month comes to a close, we're super excited to introduce our October Hive Spotlight! When it comes to being a great mom and fashionista, she's got it down to a science and can do it all in heels! Learn more about the fabulous fashion & lifestyle blogger behind Balancing Bows and Heels, Megan Wingate!

1.) What is your brand (name, website, channel, etc.) and what inspired you to start it? 

My brand blog name Balancing Bows and Heels , which originated from me balancing life as a full time mom to a little girl (the bows) and a full time employee in corporate America (the heels). My goal is to help busy working women and moms, such as myself, find effortless pieces for our on the go lifestyle! I sometimes also like to share cute toddler girl outfits, fun things to do, travel, and great products that I try! My website is www.BalancingBowsandHeels.com & my instagram handle is @meganrwingate which are both my most used channels to reach my followers. 

2.) With so many fashion and lifestyle bloggers and content creators out there now a days, how are you able to stand out from others within your niche?

I don't really try to stand out per say, but I can say that I stick to my real life. My main demographic of 20 & 30 something women find it sooo much more relatable when I am popping up on their instagram stories on a Wednesday morning with no make up and hair not perfect. I guess if I could say how I "stand out" I would say to be genuine and give my readers the good, the bad, and the ugly! 

3.) What do you love most about being a blogger?

My favorite thing about being a blogger is getting messages from followers who want to find out what I am wearing, or reached out showing me a pic of an outfit they had bought because I featured it. It is sooo cool to see all of your hard work make someone on the other side of social media look and feel great! I started out my instagram and website just wanting a hobby to release my creative outlet, but it has transformed into giving my followers something that will truly love and utilize in their life. Engaging with followers and meeting new people has by far been the best part so far.

4.) How do you truly find the balance between being an amazing mom and such an amazing blogger so seamlessly?

Ahhh I actually just wrote a blog post about this! Monday thru Friday are completely erratic for me, but because blogging is such a passion of mine, I take any free moment I can during my work day to take a few pics for content or catch up on emails. My "lunch breaks" at work are not breaks for me, but really an hour for me to get things done for my brand! If I'm waiting for my gas to pump, I'm engaging with my followers. If Harleigh is at gymnastics, I bring my laptop and start editing pics. I think it looks seamless on social media, but I dedicate 100% of my moments in-between being a mom, wife and employee  to my blog and brand. I have to make the in-between moments count because I do not like to be on my phone or computer when I see my husband and daughter at home after a long work day. Family always comes first, but after 9 o'clock PM... I get back to work! It has taken me the past year to find the balance between momming, working, and blogging but if you love something enough you make it work! I have found a lot of inspiration about finding balance thru hanging out with like minded women thru our Hive community. I don't know how I would have been able to get to where I'm out now without being able to turn to other influencers for support and advice.

5.) What are a few fun facts about you that people may not know from following your blog or Instagram?

A few fun facts about me... I graduated from University of Central Florida with a major in communications! GO KNIGHTS! My "sport" growing up was cheerleading! I loved nothing more than game night in high school. They were seriously the best! A funny fact is that I bought a Saint Bernard, Sammy, in college because I am in love with the movie Beethoven. I wanted one of my own, and he is the best decision ever! 

6.) How can you be contacted?  What are all of you social media handles? My contact information is:  - Email: Meganrwingate@gmail.com

- Website: www.balancingbowsandheels.com

- Instagram: @meganrwingate

- Facebook: www.facebook.com/meganrwingate/

- Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/meganrwingate/

- LiketoKnow.it : @meganrwingate

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