September Hive Spotlight!

This Southern Belle not only knows a thing or two about fashion but she sure can tell you how to stay fit on the go! It is our pleasure to introduce to you one of our favorite health and fitness/lifestyle bloggers, Courtney of Little Southern Little City, as our September Hive Spotlight!

1.)  What is your brand (name, website, channel, etc.) and what inspired you to start it? Brand name is Little Southern Little City Website: What inspired me to start my blog was my journey into fitness. I was recovering from a knee injury on Memorial Day week in 2017. While I was wake boarding and hit the wave awkwardly it resulted in me having a spiral fracture to my Tibia and Fibula on my right leg and four months of no walking. The most long and boring 4 months ever, I must say. Well, on my road to recovery, I wanted to start showing my followers my progress and that your health and journey fitness can start from ground zero. I learned what my body needed in order to recover so I started sharing little videos of my workouts on Instagram which grew into sharing my weekly meal prep, outfits, travel and really my lifestyle as a whole. My workouts became popular through my friends because they are were made to do anywhere - home, the gym, hotel room while traveling.  My stay-at-home mom followers LOVED the videos. Mainly because the video was made into a 15 second video because let's be real, in order to capture your audience on Instagram stories, it better be a real quick glimpse or they are skipping through. Kinda like the saying, "Thank you, NEXT!" lol

2.) With so many lifestyle bloggers and content creators out there now a days, how are you able to stand out from others within your niche? Standing out from the rest can be such a difficult challenge, especially as the local market continues to increase with bloggers and content creators. I know I stand out from the rest because of my health & fitness. I provide my followers little tips on how to deal with reality of your fitness journey. Yes, I work out 4-5 days a week, but that doesn't mean I hit my goal or had a great workout. I intended on eating my meal prep today, but pizza sounded a whole lot better! Things happen, and that's what I explain all the time to my followers. If you are enjoying your health and fitness journey, then that's all that matters. It's not a cut throat, you must stick to this routine in order to meet your goal type of thing. No, it's about loving the process, who YOU are becoming and ultimately who you want to be in the end. My motto is fitness is a slow and steady process, but once you see the results, it makes the wait so worth it.

3.) What do you love most about being a blogger? There are so many reasons why I love being a blogger.

First off, I never expected blogging to take me down a path of meeting so many amazing individuals and the local Jacksonville community has been nothing short of amazing. The reason I love blogging is I absolutely love building relationships with businesses and showing my followers the best places around Jacksonville, or wherever I am traveling at the moment. Never in a million years did I think I would be working with big brands like Ford, Winn Dixie, and Airbnb, just to name a couple, but that is what this community is about. It's great to see all of my hard work and my audience growing just from being myself and showing my audience who I am and what I love. 

4.) We are all, constantly on the go!  As a health and fitness content creator, what are a couple of health and fitness tips you can give the busy body on the go? A couple of tips I recommend for anyone who is constantly on the go (like myself) are: 1. Stay hydrated - it's hard, I know, but keep a canister or some type of reusable tumbler with you at all times. You will always see me with a tumbler or bottled water just trying to stay hydrated one step at a time. 2. Make time for it - everyone's excuse for not following a diet or working out is because they would rather be doing something else that is sounds more appeasing, but often find themselves wondering why it's taking them so long to meet their goals. Simply make time for it. Traveling? Wake up earlier to get a quick 30 minute workout. Have a vacation coming up that you want to enjoy? Simply stay committed to working out and eating right so you can enjoy all the tacos and pizza you want on vacation. It's not hard at all once you set a goal and mentally and physically work towards it. 3. Plan it out - I cannot stress this enough, but plan out your week. Now, I am by nature an organized person. I definitely got that gene from my mom, but I plan out what days I am working out, my meal prep for the week, etc. It helps me stay on track and committed to any goal that I have set for myself. If I have two events in one week that I have committed to, then I know I need to work out the other 4 so that my body can rest in between. If life happens and you can't workout one or two days because of a sick child, that's ok. One day and eating healthy the equivalent to working out 4 times that week that you had planned to. Something as simple as planning out your week helps you not stray away from what the end goal is.

5.) What are a few fun facts about you that people may not know from following your blog or Instagram? Surprisingly, I do not drink coffee. Yes, I love Starbucks, but you'll never see me promote or talk about coffee. I associate it with chocolate and I do not like chocolate at all. Weird, I know this and I've just accepted it by now. ha! I don't like guacamole or anything pumpkin flavored. I'm really starting to sound like an odd ball in this whole blogging world. lol! I am 10% titanium meaning I have had two major surgeries in my lifetime and both resulted in me receiving titanium plates, rods and screws. I'll save the best for last, I love college football and I like to think I can throw a football better than most guys I know (thanks to all those years growing up playing softball, woot!).

6.) How can you be contacted?  What are all of you social media handles? Instagram handle: @littlesouthernlittlecity  Email: I tend to stick with just those two outlets/social media. 

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